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Some ways to discover your unique grok your design....

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What is the Human Design System? There are many excellent sites that provide great information on Human Design, so rather than "reinvent the info wheel", here are web addresses to the ones I know & love best.

To begin, you'll benefit most by having your Human Design chart as you look through other sites. Get your a free chart - go to the Jovian site to fill out the information to view your chart. You can also download the free MMI software.  Click on the Download Free Edition button.

By getting your chart and seeing what Type you are, you can begin to experiment with your Strategy & Authority which aligns you to your true nature. All of the web sites on this page describe Strategy & Authority. An analysis will give deeper knowledge, synthesis and guidance with your experiment.

  •  General Human Design Information - such as where did design come from, who is Ra Uru Hu, what is Human Design, free charts (email me!), type, authority, centers, and profile.

    *  Jovian Archive

Check out Jovian's new Newcomer page.  You'll have access to:
  -  The new introductory audio from Ra and three of his brilliant 1994 lectures in Munich
  -  More free videos here
  -  Get free charts
  -  Browse the International list of certified analysts and teachers 
  -  Get a list of HD Social Networks
  -  Browse listings of courses, lectures and self-study programs.
  -  Download some free digital books: The Differentiation Lectures,
     and Lecture 1 of Design Concepts.
  Listen to free audios on type, type signature, profile, lines, nodes,
     neutrinos, planets, Uranian Life, and definition.

If you have a Mac,
you might need help to use the Jovian software. Click here to read what the programmer told me or here from the IHDS site (scroll down to the question "Is MMI Software Mac Compatible?")

* IHDS: International Human Design School

Human Design Newsletter:  Sign up for the IHDS monthly newsletter here. It's free and is packed with information, new courses and articles from a wide range of HD professionals. 

Newcomer Page
-  Free charts
-  NEW!!! Order a comprehensive 50 page report about many aspects of your Human Design chart for $55 USD here.  This report is excellent before or after a Foundation reading. 
-  Ra's video Introduction to the Human Design System plus transcript
-  List of certified International Professionals by country; includes their qualifications.
-  Courses for current General Education (scroll down to see the whole list)
-  Courses for current Professional Education (scroll down to see the whole list)
-  And many Self-Study courses (scroll down to see the whole list)

My Stuff:

Click here to download my articles.
Click here to see my IHDS blog.

* Human Design America at It is also a great place to start. Lots of easy to understand information and a listing of all IHDS certified analysts and teachers living in the U.S. Also includes info on children which other sites don't have.

* Human Design UK at Provides a lot of depth, including info on the not-self by type.

* Coleen d'Avignon - a 2/4 Projector, Human Design analyst / teacher / writer / jewelry designer. With permission, click see her writings. Sense of humor required.

* Blank bodygraph - along the way, a blank bodygraph may be helpful when learning different aspects of design (e.g. red gates, black gates, circuits). Right click here and "save target as" to your computer. Then insert into a Word document and resize.

Have an foundation Analysis (reading) from someone certified by the Human Design Standards Board (like me). All you really need to know is your strategy based on your type, and your authority for making decisions. That's it. Experiment with them. Try them. The rest of the resources on this page are mind-candy, and are very interesting, but not necessary to live out who you are. (Projectors need to learn more about themselves and others, however.)

An analysis will help you understand the synthesis of your whole chart, including your type, authority, definition, profile, the pressures on your openness and characteristics of the defined centers. Depending on the analyst, you will receive "more" based on their unique interpretative gift, whatever that may be.

You will find certified analysts' names listed on these web sites:

Buy some courses, cds, books, etc....all three sites provide excellent materials. Your authority will guide you to the correct ones. A list of many of the Human Design resources and where they can be purchased is linked below.

Warning: Now I speak from my experience of my design. Beware of the open head/mind that thoroughly enjoys everything, and will become a not-self authority who flies through all disposable income, maxes credit cards, and then spends the entire savings account or inheritance on design materials! On top of that, if you have a 4th line in your profile, or have a lot of 4th lines (I have 10), you may be pulled to have a least a couple of extra cds or books on hand to study. Use your authority to decide!

If you're a 1st line investigative person (in your profile) like I am, and if you're logical (like I am) you may be guided to progress roughly as follows: learn about design/Ra, then get your free chart, then read online about your type, centers, and profile. Then you'll buy some cds, hear about the dastardly "not-self" from the gotta-have "Dilemma of the Not-Self" cd, and, sucking in air, go deeper into the meaning and impact of these open centers hoping to exorcise your not-self. Then, if you're lucky, someone will tell you about the "Nature & Nurture" cd, where at last you can exhale and know that you're okay after all. Both cds are  important to help you process your not-self. You'll just adjust over the next 7 years to being your true self who isn't "caught in the characteristics". Hopefully, you may have chosen another path - to have a reading first - giving you a faster and deeper foundation for leaping into the next  cool thing. For many, one reading is all they want or need. (Not Projectors! They want it all!)

The best, most comprehensive book on this system:  Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation available on Amazon or Human Design America for the same base price of $49.95 USD.

Take a Class

  •   Jovian Archive provides an archive of many interesting classes taught by Ra that were held online through the online classroom. Also listed is details about the Annual Event held in the Spring of each year, either in Toronto, Canada or in Ibiza, Spain. Many classes are open to anyone, and others are for the continuing education of certified analysts/teachers.
  •  Living Your Design Workshop - After having an analysis, I invite you to take the next "formal" step, which is this class. Based on the Living Your Design book, this class goes deeply into each type, splits, and the characteristics of each center, whether defined and undefined. Classes are offered by certified teachers like me, listed on the Human Design America site here.  Whether to take the class in person or online is a personal decision. Some people learn best in the aura of others, with others it doesn't matter.  Some teachers teach differently in person vs. at a distance. Ask your authority for its recommendation - it's the boss.

Learning & Resource Guide

Human Design offers a 3 ˝ year certification program for people who want to become analysts and teachers. You can also become certified in several advanced programs if you meet the prerequisites. However, I haven't found anything to guide beginners. Most of us wander through web sites, reading very basic information, and maybe buying a few CDs and books that look interesting. There is a hierarchy, of sorts, to the process of learning the Human Design System. You know, building a foundation by learning the simple first, and then moving to the more complex. Sometimes it's helpful to have a guide through the mazes of learning opportunities and resources available.

I used to maintain a Learning & Resource Guide for many years, but the web sites referenced and what they offer changes so often that I no longer update it.  I do give clients (only) who get a Foundation reading from me a Type-oriented resource guide which is maintained.  If I have ever given you a reading, you may request an updated sheet from me - just send an email: becky@humandesignforyou-dot-com

A little extra if you made it to the bottom of this page.  I created an index for Richard Rudd's Circuitry book.  Just print it, cut to fit the inside front cover and tape it.  I use it all the time.  Enjoy.  Click here to download.


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