Is MMI Software Mac Compatible?

The software programs are written for the .NET framework which only works on the Windows environment. Mac users have several choices for having windows run on their computers.

The options available for any recent Mac with Intel processor are these: 

  • Apple Computer itself provides a simple and free way (OS X 10.5 required) to install Windows through a software called BootCamp. It uses a partition of the disk and turns the Mac into a regular PC. The disadvantage is that you either start the computer with MacOS or with Windows, but not both. It is most suited for someone who really needs a PC and will use the Mac for occasional tasks. A copy of Microsoft Windows is required.

  • Parallels desktop for Mac offers to run Windows inside of the MacOS so that they can coexist and even share files and resources. Most suited for a Mac user with the need for occasional use of a PC. A copy of Microsoft Windows is required.

  • VWare Fusion for Mac, just like Parallels, a solution offered by a different vendor.

  • Virtual Box, a free alternative, community maintained solution.

From the Jovian software programmer April 2007:

"In general Mac users need to install the windows operating system on their computers in order to use our software products. The options available to them depend on the model of their computer but the two most common solutions are:

1. For newer intel based apple computers - Parallels desktop for Mac

2. For older macs - Virtual PC ("

From the Microsoft link above:
Virtual PC does not run on Intel-based Macs.
Microsoft prices for Virtual PC range from $129 to $249 depending on the version.