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 I provide the first five readings (Foundation, Baby, Family, Consultation, Career) with the option for either:

  * Technical Human Design language, OR

  * Non-technical language.  Please let me know if you want the non-technical version!

 For any reading listed on this page, please email the following to me (Becky@humandesignforyou-dot-com):

  •   What kind of reading you would like to have?  Not sure?  Just let me know what topics you are interested in.

  •   Your Birth date, birth time and birth place (city/state-province/country.) 

  •   Where you currently live, or will be for your reading so I can offer date and time options for your time zone. 

  •   After I see your design, I will reply with other information & options regarding your reading.

  •   If there is anything you'd like me to know, please include.

  •   If you would share, it helps me to know what you have looked into in the Human Design system (audios, books, web sites, other HD readings, etc.)

NOTE Payment for your reading, when you are ready, indicates your readiness and commitment.  That in turn invites me to use my energy to prepare for and deliver your reading.  I prefer full payment before your reading, but we can also make other arrangements. 

You may have questions before committing and we can communicate about those.  If so, please send me an email to get things going and be sure to include your birth information so I can communicate to you as yourself.   becky@humandesignforyou-dot-com

 Thank You!


Personal Foundation Analysis
Baby Analysis       Family Analysis
Career Profile Analysis
    1 Primary Health System Program  (the foundation of living your unique and differentiated life)  2 options    x
    2 Environment
    3 Perspective & Distraction
    4 Motivation & Transference, including your Personality Development Trajectory

DreamRave Analysis Introduction
Mapping Your Mind (how to get out of your specific traps of making mental decisions) 
Your Story Line
(planting your cross for living out your differentiation)
Life Cycles Analysis: Solar Return, Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, and Kiron (Chiron)
Partnership Analysis

Family Analysis
Replace Lost CD


The place to start is with an individual Foundation Analysis. It is the basis (foundation) for learning who you really are designed to be and how you are designed to make your own decisions. A unique synthesis of your whole design that only a certified analyst can provide. It is potent. It changes you at a cellular level, unwinding your conditioning and opening up the true you over time.

   $200 Foundation Analysis (1 person, 1.5 to 2 hours)

Recorded over the phone or in my online room - I prefer the phone unless that is difficult for you. A foundation analysis is the basis for most of the analyses described below. Also, see my comments in the second section on the Discovering Design page.
This analysis typically, but not always, includes a discussion of:
  •   Your Type - how you operate in the world, and your strategy for reducing resistance from  others (and your self!)

  •   Your Profile - the road you're on to fulfill your purpose when living your design

  •   Your Authority - your unique, reliable way to make decisions that are right for you

  •   Your Definition - what it means to have a single definition, split definition, triple split or quadruple split

  •   Your Centers - how they impact you and others

  •   Your Channels - what makes up your unique gifts (as differentiated from others)

Note: Each analysis is unique to each person based on the moment. You'll receive exactly what you are designed & ready to hear. It is not possible to tell you everything about your design in 1-2 hours. But it is the most important information you will ever get about how to begin living your life as your self!


I will provide information about how to nurture your baby's intelligence as well as tips for raising her or him as themselves.  This includes their Type, Profile (role), life force energies, diet & nutrition and other thing I see that would be helpful.  I have been parenting since 1975 and giving Human Design baby readings since 2007.  

$150 for Baby Foundation Analysis

As described above for each family member and depending on the age(s) of the child(ren).    We can discuss before you decide.

$600 Foundation Analysis (Family of 4 - $200 discount)


Consultations are becoming the basis of my Human Design practice after people receive readings and would like clarification, support, and empowerment to continue their transformation process.  If you're a little confused or need a nudge, then this may be right for you. I offer practical, personalized guidance to assist you in living your design.

You might also call a consultation: tips, hints, suggestions, advice, guidance, and/or deeper analysis of your design. Just remember all decisions come from your decision-making authority, not an analyst's.  And most of us benefit from a little help along the way.  I did and I still do!!!

Consultations may include a style called Holistic Analysis*, or you may specifically request a holistic approach which brings in aspects of your whole design rather than a specific reading like the ones below this section.  Depending on your questions, level of experimentation, and other types of readings that you've had, I will go as deep into your design as my intuition guides me in a holistic way that is practical for you at that time.  I may introduce new concepts and information to deepen your transformation process. 

* Holistic Analysis is the deepest & broadest style of consultation, which is available only from a certified Holistic Analyst
I have been tested & certified by Ra Uru Hu. 

Consultation Prerequisites: Foundation Analysis and experimenting with your Strategy & Authority.

$0 for first 10 minutes, but the phone call isn't recorded.
$50 for 10-30 minutes. 
$100 31-60 minutes.
Each session is usually limited to 1 hour as that is enough time for the nudge.
$150 90 minutes.
 I may occasionally suggest a longer session.  

I am available either by phone or in my online office for consultations. Your phone consult is recorded and the mp3 sent to you by email.  It is also possible for us to meet in my online office.  This is helpful when I want to show you images or point out things in your chart. You'll also need a microphone so we can speak to each other.  You can easily record the consultation to your computer.  Please let me know if online is your preference so I can send you tips & directions.

To pay for consultations:

$50 for 11-30 minutes

$100 for 31-60 minutes

$150 for 90 minutes



Learn how you are designed to "work" to  have the material you need for supporting your life and feeling fulfilled.  This consultation provides information about your gifts, style and shadows.  These questions are answered:

  •   Are you designed to work alone, in partnership, in small groups, and/or in a large business?  How and why?

  •   Are you designed to be fulfilled as a manager?

  •   How do you deal with problems as an employee?

  •   How do you deal with problems as a manager?

  •   What are your shadows that keep you from success and satisfaction?

  •   Are you designed to be an entrepreneur?  If so, how do you get started?

Prerequisites None. Just your birth date, time and place.  Your chart pinpoints your gifts and shadows.
A foundation reading is helpful, but not required. 
Technical or everyday language is your choice.


For more details about the following services, please download an information sheet here.  Would you like to see it?

Brief Career Profile Overview - 30 minutes, mp3 recording sent to you with your chart.  $125 

$125 for Brief Careen Profile Overview

Full Career Profile Analysis - 1+ hour, on the phone or in my online room. More in depth, answer your questions as they arise.  $250 

$250 for Full Career Profile Analysis

Alpha One Analysis - designed for the to-be leader/manager, or the current leader/manager.  Price and time varies depending on your situation and needs.  All Career Profile topics are covered in at least 2 sessions.  $250 +.  Please send an email describing your situation and your phone number so we can discuss your options.

Small Business Analysis - for the small business owner who is either putting together a new business, or is already struggling and needs help, or is ready to expand their business and needs help engineering staff and the structure that will work best.  Cost depends on your situation and how many other people are involved. Multiple sessions are involved.  Please send an email describing your situation and your phone number so we can discuss your options.


the four transformations

The Four Transformations are a four-part radical process of deconditioning. 
it is not for everyone!  read on to see how you respond.

I suggest beginning by downloading the free digital book called "The Differentiation Lectures."  
The book's second lecture, called T
he Four Transformations, begins on page 15. 

If you are interested in knowing more about any of these transformations, please send me an email with the necessary information listed below under "Important Note."

Each of these readings include the tonal cognition qualities of Left or Right. 
Each of these transformations need their own reading and time to experiment and ask questions. It takes time. So I no longer offer a combined overview reading of all four  - it has been just too confusing for most people who really need more information than a combined overview can bring.

*      *      *


based on Human Design's 'Primary Health System'

"See the body as the solution, not as the problem." 
Ra Uru Hu

Learn how you are designed to take in food to maximize your brain function which affects your overall health and longevity.  The potential affects from following your unique health strategy may include: improved digestion, heightened sensory & brain function and unique improvements to your own life. You literally become your differentiated self! You may experience changes within a couple days, with more in a few weeks and even more as the cellular changes progress over the 7 year cycle. Participants are seeing, when they consistently follow their personal health strategy, remarkable & unique changes in their overall well-being and their perspective on life. 

This reading covers the Design Sun/Earth at the color, tone and line level using your advanced imaging chart.


If you have already had a PHS Overview, but feel you'd like support to follow through, either this program or a consultation may be the next step for you.  I will credit my previous PHS clients off the rate below with the amount they paid for my PHS overview reading. Be sure to remind me when you write. OR you may request follow-up consults to get back on track or clear up questions at the Consult/Coaching rate above.

                    PHS is new and experimental.
   Are you ready to commit to this radical experiment
                       for realigning your body?         


  1. A Foundation Analysis or overview from an IHDS certified analyst is required first, as you must be experimenting with your Strategy and Authority (S&A). S & A are THE most effective ways to be healthy as they correctly realign your inborn frequencies.  PHS further refines those frequencies to your "pure note". 

  2. It is also necessary that you sleep in your own aura (alone - this means no humans, no pets, no one on the other side of the wall above, below or next to your bed). PHS refinement is not possible if you are being conditioned by others during your most vulnerable time: sleeping. YOU ONLY BENEFIT FROM THIS PROGRAM WHEN YOU WAKE UP AS YOUR SELF, YOUR OWN PURE UNADULTERATED FREQUENCIES!




   Accurate birth time is essential.

   You are responsible for giving me the correct time.  If you discover accurate time later, I charge for the time it takes to update your reading.





6.  Please VERIFY THAT YOU listenED to the ONE HOUR free PHS Introduction  lecture I gave for IHDS.  It is availabLe to downloAd here, including a pdf of the slides and an mp3:    PHS Introduction
After I receive your email I will review your information and let you know if this process may be helpful for you. It is not for everybody. Allow your S&A to decide your readiness. We may discuss this on the phone first, if needed. 

I invite Two Options for you to respond to.  Each session may be held either on the phone or in my online room where I can share and discuss certain images relevant to your design.  In the online office, I will record the session and send you the files to play it back later as if it was live.  You'll also need a microphone so we can speak to each other.  Please let me know if online is your preference so I can send you tips & directions for testing the room.

OPTION 1 Contact me for 1 Individualized session based on your specific design. Please send me an email if you are interested.  Be sure to include your information that is listed under the Important Note above.  The session will be 1- 1 1/2 hr.

$150 - 1 Session, PHS Overview.  

OPTION 2 Contact me for 2 Individualized sessions based on your specific design. Please send me an email if you are interested.  Be sure to include your information that is listed under the Important Note above.  We will work together to develop YOUR 2 sessions.  The first session will be 1 hr, and later a ˝ hr. follow up for additional support in your experiment.

$200 - 2 Sessions, PHS Overview.

Transformation 2: Environment

After experimenting with your Strategy & Authority and PHS, you're ready to learn about your environment.  Environment is not an intellectual or mental decision.  You don't learn about it, sell your home, pack your bags and move.  Your body must be prepared through S&A and PHS to recognize and be attracted to the right environment for you, where you will live a healthy life, meet the least resistance, be protected from the conditioning of others and meet the right people to fulfill your purpose.  
Note: if you are under age 28-30, environment is not an issue - yet - except possibly when healing your body.

You may have already heard the keynote for your environment.  But please don't assume that you know what that really means, especially in the context of your whole design.  It's just a keynote from which a comprehensive description can be given only by a certified PHS Practitioner or Holistic Analyst.  For example, "kitchens" does NOT mean that you live your life in a kitchen.  The meaning is broader, more nuanced & complex.  It must be interpreted within the context of your whole design. Also, many environments are not mutually exclusive, which means that couples and families can discover how to create or find the right environment in the same home without moving.  But not always! 

In this reading, I will provide in my online room detailed information and visual images as examples of your environment.   I will also give tips for how you're designed to "find" your environment or wait for it to find you. Then it's up to you to discover & perfect that environment to suit yourself! 

This reading covers the Design Nodes at the color, tone and line level using your advanced imaging chart. 

Please send me an email if you are interested or have questions.  Be sure to include your information that is listed under the Important Note above.  The session will be about an hour.

$150 - 1 Session, Environment Overview.


Transformation 3: Perspective (View) & Distraction

From our correct environment, our Perspective is the way we are designed to “see” the world. This perspective or view is the basis for framing our outer authority.  In addition, with each Perspective is the ongoing tendency to distraction which pulls us away from seeing things the way we’re designed to.

Recognizing our distraction is an amazing signpost that helps get us back track for fulfilling our purpose through our outer authority.  Distraction always happens - being aware of it is the key.

This reading covers the Personality Nodes at the color and tone level using your advanced imaging chart.

Please send me an email if you are interested or have questions.  Be sure to include your information that is listed under the Important Note above.  The session will be about an hr.

$150 - 1 Session, Perspective Overview.


Transformation 4: Motivation & Transference - Our Awareness

From our correct environment, and through the frame of our Perspective, we can be invited to, or respond to sharing our outer authority (or not!).  Like Perspective, understanding our correct motivation and its transference can guide us and keep us on track to fulfill our purpose.  Learn what pulls you away from living your true self. Transference always happens - being aware of it is the key.  Also, if your motivation is transferred, your perspective is distracted and vice versa. 

This is essential (especially for Projectors) so you can learn to quickly recognize those motivations that are correct for you and stop wasting energy on ones that are incorrect for you.

A second aspect of this reading is called Trajectory, which is your personality's specific learning process.  This process has a "trajectory" that is linked to your motivation and begins with a certain theme, and evolves into its perfection.  Knowing about your trajectory assures you that you are moving through your process, not someone else's.

This reading covers the Personality Sun/Earth at the color, tone and line levels using your advanced imaging chart.

Please send me an email if you are interested or have questions.  Be sure to include your information that is listed under the Important Note above.  The session will be about 1˝ hr.  We may split this into 2 sessions.

$200 - 1 Session, Motivation Overview.


DreamRave ANALYSIS - Introduction

This reading allows you to go deeper into your most profound conditioning.  This happens when you are asleep. Sleeping is when you are most vulnerable.  When you go to sleep, you transition to a different design than your waking design.  Waking up changes your chemistry, which sneaks in and affects you subtly, or affects you dramatically. This chemistry changes your waking life by affecting how you think and your decisions. This analysis brings you practical information and tips for dealing with your sleeping to waking transition, and helps you identify and deal with the conditioning.

This reading, which takes about an hour, includes:

  •   Your DreamRave chart - separately and combined with your waking chart. 
        Click here to see my combo chart.

  •   What changes in your life between sleeping and waking, and the effects:
            - Your Type
            - Your Authority
            - Your most vulnerable weak point(s) when awakening
            - The effects of your weak point(s) in your waking life
            -  Potential effects of digestion on your sleeping life

When you become aware of the effects on your waking life, you can begin to recognize and deal with them!

This reading does not analyze specific dreams.  If you wish to take the next step with an analysis of your DreamRave gates, we can schedule a follow up analysis.

Prerequisite: Foundation Analysis from a certified IHDS analyst, and you are experimenting with your Strategy and Authority.  This analysis will NOT help you if you are not already aware of and experimenting with the strategy of your type and your decision-making authority.

$165 for DreamRave Introduction Analysis


Mind Mapping is an in-depth program that supports you through your process of learning how YOUR mind makes not-self decisions that cause you frustration, bitterness, anger or disappointment.   This program integrates Perspective and Motivation, so those two readings above are valuable to have first.  We will target the primary not-self decision points in your chart, possibly including your DreamRave weak point(s) if relevant.

Learn which kinds of decisions pull you away from living your true self.  This is essential (especially for Projectors) so you can learn to quickly recognize those red flags and stop wasting energy on mental decisions that are incorrect for you.

Here we deal with your whole chart.

Please send me an email if you are interested or have questions.  Be sure to include your information that is listed under the Important Note above. 

The session(s) will be tailored to fit your needs and progress - approximately 1 to 1.5 hour.  Perhaps divided into two sessions.

I will send you a direct link to Paypal:
   $200 if you have not had a Perspective and Motivation reading from me. 
   $150 if you have had a Perspective and Motivation reading from me.

Foundation Analysis from an IHDS analyst needed first.

LYD class very helpful, but not required.
Recommended: Both a
Perspective and Motivation reading from me (or a certified Rave Psychologist or Holistic Analyst) are very helpful as a foundation for understanding how your mind sees and thinks. The cost for Mind Mapping is discounted if you have had these readings from me. 
    * A
Radical Transformation Clinic is equivalent to having a Perspective and Motivation reading.  If you have had some other sort of reading or clinic related to the 4 transformations, please let me know.


Story Line, the phase from approximately age 30 to 50, is the foundation of the fulfillment of your purpose.  It is here that your environment and perspective are established to lay the foundation for the post-Kiron flowering of the nine-centered being.  This is where you find yourself on your cross, literally, and that you begin to live out your unique differentiation. 

Many of us did not come to our designs or our PHS until our Kiron phase, so did not fully experience the development of our Story Line from a differentiated brain system that resonated to being in the right environment.  We are, in a sense, catching up.  It is still validating & useful to understand our Story Line while our bodies are living the 7-year cellular change from following our dietary regimen and the enhanced cognition that resonates to the correct environment.

This reading covers the Design Nodes and Personality Nodes at all levels using your advanced imaging chart.


Please send me an email if you are interested or have questions.  Be sure to include your information that is listed under the Important Note above. 

Each session will be 1.5 hours. 

Prerequisites:  Foundation Reading, Experimenting with your Strategy & Authority, PHS, Environment, Perspective and Motivation readings.


$200 - 1 Session, Story Line Overview.




I am no longer teaching the LYD workshop.
Please look on the IHDS site for a Living Your Design Guide here:

                    The LYD Book can be purchased separately from Human Design
                    Please send me an email if you need more information.


We all go through various cycles in our life, especially people with a 6th line in their profile. Your design doesn't change, but the themes and people do change with the cycle. Cycles analysis is a personal forecast of the "weather" for the specific cycle.

$175 per session

SOLAR RETURN (YEARLY) ANALYSIS - best done 3 months before your birthday. This analysis helps you discern between what is you and what is your specific weather for the next year. It reconfirms how to use your strategy and authority to weather anything. We'll review the outside influences you may meet. Some influences may be people who get under your skin - they may drive you crazy or you may really enjoy them. Everyone's annual return is different. What is potentially coming your way? What is in the air?

One Solar Analysis $175

SATURN RETURN ANALYSIS - The breathing in period. For people who have been living their design for several years. The analysis can be done around or 3 ˝ years earlier (or later) than the date of your return. Ask for your return date when getting your first reading, but generally is around age 28. This return looks at the people and themes between approximately age 28 and 40. A must-have for 6th line profiles (3/6, 4/6, 6/2, 6/3), which carries through to around age 50.

One Saturn Return Analysis $175

URANUS OPPOSITION ANALYSIS - The breathing out period. For people who have been living their design for several years. The analysis can be done around or 3 ˝ years earlier (or later) than the date of your return. Ask for your return date when getting your first analysis, but generally is around age 40. This return looks at the years between approximately age 40 and 50. Not important for 6th line profiles.

One Uranus Opposition Analysis $175

KIRON ANALYSIS - This analysis can be done as early as 3 ˝ years before your 50th birthday, or later. It is never too late. Ask for your Kiron return date when getting your first analysis, but generally it is around age 50. Or email me your birth date, time and place and I will provide the date for you.  This reading is a must-have for 6th line profiles coming off the roof (3/6, 4/6, 6/2, 6/3) and is immensely valuable for the rest of the profiles, too. This cycle carries the themes you're here to learn about during your flowering stage - the rest of your life!

One Kiron Analysis $175

For two people who have both had a foundation analysis and are following their strategy and authority (small children do not need a foundation analysis). Can be very enlightening for partners, siblings, parent-child, friends. This analysis goes to the root of relationship problems and offers suggestions for transcending those difficulties. Also points out aspects of your relationship that work well, and that might be taken for granted.

$175 per session

$175 One Partnership Session - 2 people

Key Benefits

  •  To better understand the dynamics that you bring together

  •  To "get" that the relationship challenges are not personal

  •  To accept each other more deeply than you ever thought possible

  •  To have a more fulfilling partnership & life



For families or groups of 3-5 people. A look at how the dynamics and individual contributions change when a third, fourth, and fifth person enters a group.

$200 for 3, plus $50 each additional

$200 for 3 people
$250 for 4 people
$300 for 5 people


$25 to burn, package and ship 1-2 new cd(s). NO CHARGE TO EMAIL THE MP3.



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