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Welcome to my site.
I invite you to come in and visit!

This site is designed to guide your journey of decision making and self-discovery
using the Human Design System*.


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What is the Human Design System?

Click here to view several free videos about
The Human Design System
from Jovian Archive Media Film. 

If you would like to see a free film where Ra Uru Hu describes
how this information came to him in 1987, go to
"Encounter With the Voice"

Ready for a change?

  •  Have you ever made a decision that you later regretted?

  •  Would you like to learn simple, practical ways to make decisions as yourself?
     Human Design provides you with your specific technique for making reliable decisions.

  •  Decisions affect everything in our lives: where we live, who we spend time with, where we shop, what job we accept, how we spend money, how we think, how we use our energy - just to name a few.

  •  Would you benefit from making your own reliable, correct decisions as yourself?
     No if's, ands, or but's. Your perfect decisions. No one else's. Yours.

  •  Would you like to learn the red flags to watch out for that keep you from making correct decisions for yourself?

  •  If so, would you like to contact me for a brief or full reading?

  •  Making your own decisions is an incredible gift that will change your life in the most amazing and dramatic ways. You can finally live who you were genetically designed to be. What a relief!!!

Note: Correct decision making is the basis for all other Human Design Services!
You must be living as your true self, not somebody else, for the Human Design System to be of any value.


My Mission ~ Vision

  •  To provide you with your specific decision-making technique.

  •  To provide deeply meaningful, practical Human Design Services for individuals and families

  •  To suggest useful ways for you to self-discover and live your unique design

  •  To provide healthy tips for being yourself

I am designed, when invited, 
to share my intuitive talent 
for recognizing your inherent spirit 
and your difficulties in living 
and making decisions
as yourself.
I’m here to provide practical suggestions 
that provoke, empower, inspire 
and possibly shock you 
to know your self 
and your spirit
at a depth you never before imagined. 


Benefits of Human Design name a few....

  •  Gives you your unique strategy for reducing or eliminating resistance in your life

  •  Describes your unique, reliable decision-making authority...which is all you really need to know and use

  •  Begin to understand why you are the way you are.....and who you were meant to be

  •  Changes you on a cellular level, if you "live your design", to shed what you've been conditioned to be, and become who you truly are

  •  Explains how we all operate in this world as individuals, as partners, in groups and as a whole

Contact Information  

Becky Markley


If you would like to chat with me, please send an email with your time zone, phone number, birth information (so I can speak to you as yourself) and your phone number and we can set up a time.  I will either email you or call you.



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I invite you to email me at becky@humandesignforyou-dot-com with corrections, suggestions, advice & positive comments about this web site.

*Jovian Archive Corporation is the International rights holder to the Human Design System, the Global incarnation Index, MMI Software and the Teachings of Ra Uru Hu.  Copyright protected 2005. The Rave BodyGraph™ and Rave Mandala™ are registered trademarks of Jovian Archive Corporation.

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