List of Coleen d'Avignon's Writings
Click the article name below to open in pdf format. Most articles were written in 2002-2003.
    Her first reading was in 1996.
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65th Gate

A Slave to my Geometry

Am I Living my Design or Hiding Behind It

Blinded by Ambition

Codependency vs. Design

From Individual to the Tribe - Bridging the Language Gap

Grasping at Straws

It's All in the Delivery

Keeping it Simple

Seven Year Plan

Some Enchanted Evening

The Dangerous Mind

The Freedom in No Choice

The Impact of Words

The Rocky Road to Compassion

The Whole Enchilada

Three Little Words

Through the Eyes of a Grown-Up Child

Tommy Can You Hear Me?

Waiting - a Projector's Lament

Who's To Blame