Celebrate Your Uniqueness!!!

What is this thin, unique thread that is me, that is you, as a living human being? 

  •  For example, what does your Personality sun gate feel like to you?

  •  How does it operate in the world as a conscious sun energy?

  •  How is it different from other people with the same gate?

It's a process of discovery over time to meet your self again.

Speaking of unique thin threads, Mary Ann Winiger, a Generator analyst/teacher, designed a beautiful representation of her 41st gate to the base level.  Here it is, below, with permission.

Imagine having a wall filled with all 64 gates like below, all the possibilities - and seeing all of your 26 unique threads highlighted against that tapestry. There is no one else quite like you in this world. No one else has the same combination of type, gates, planets, lines, colors, tones, bases, and conditioning forces. And all you're trying to be as a not-self is all those other threads. Take in the wonder of what it is to be you! Isn't that what you've always wanted other people to do? Now you can do it yourself. Human Design gives you the tools to discover and love your unique self.

Each gate has 1080 potential threads.

Each chart has 69,120 potential threads. You have 26 of them.