Comments from January LYD Participant (photo below)

"I justified getting on a plane and traveling from Philadelphia to Seattle for a mere two-day Human Design beginners workshop because the instructors were both, like me, Projectors....and it was my birthday weekend. But inside I wondered: Could it possibly be worth it....What am I thinking......What could I really get in two days about a system that on my own felt so complex I might as well be teaching myself to become an astronaut?

I'll put it this way--Becky and Coleen inspired me to want to be myself more than umpteen years of therapy and half as many spiritual paths.

As gifted teachers of Human Design, they bring inordinate intelligence, beautiful sensibilities and a broad psychospiritual awareness to the classroom. You can see the enormous thought they have put in to breaking down the basic components of Human Design and making them real and personal for a diverse group of people (at least in my class) who in the real world would rarely cross paths.

But their real gift was having such a nuanced understanding of both Human Design and the human psyche that no matter what we were doing, Becky and Coleen were always sensitive to the subtle ways someone might be betraying what was socially appropriate............take action prematurely.......... be too generous or too anything that might--in some way we were too embedded to see--be dishonoring Who We Really Are.

As someone who has spent close to three decades "seeking," I can't recommend highly enough the experience of hanging around two exceptional human beings who so get the freedom of living their own designs, that all they want is for you to be impeccably.....yourself.

Nancy Dreyfus, Psy.D.
Wynnewood, Pennsylania"

Nancy is 2nd from the right, back row.
Coleen is bottom right and I am behind her in the striped top.
(sorry for the fuzzy photo - I think I dropped my camera one too many times!)

Seattle 2007 LYD Workshop Participants